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Tried and Tested from pro and semi-pro teams

Check out a variety of strats usable on the current Active Duty CSGO Maps. From little utility to a lot, these come with video walkthroughs for the various nades, as well as lineups. 

The strategies come from pro and semi-pro demos, so needless to say they are tested and effective when properly executed. 


Inferno Strats

  • Construction-Wrap (Detona)

  • Fast Lane Wrap (Furia)

  • Pit Drop (Furia)

  • Fake B Late A (G2)

  • Fake Arch Wrap (G2)

  • Fast Arch B Split (Fnatic)

Inferno V2.png

Mirage Strats

  • Full B Execute (Astralis)

  • B Rush (NiP)

  • Wall of Smokes A (Furia)

mirage V2.png

Overpass Strats

  • Fast B Rush (Team Spirit)

  • Low Utility B Execute (NRG)

  • A Execute (Vitality)

  • Late Round B Exec (Astralis)

  • B Exec Fake Mid Take (Astralis)

  • Double Graffiti Molotov B Exec (Astralis)


Dust II Strats

  • Cat Long Wrap (EvilGeniuses)

  • B Split With Fast Mid (Mousesports)

  • CT Drop Mid to B (Team Liquid)

  • Cat Molotov Exec (North)

  • Run Boost Long Take (Chiefs)

  • Fake B Pistol Round (North)

Dust2 V2.png

Train Strats

  • Low Utility B Execute (FaZe)

  • Late Round A Execute (Mousesports)

  • Late Round B Wrap (Mousesports)

Train map V2.png

Nuke Strats

  • Fast Secret Take (Mousesports)

  • A Site Execute (Mousesports)

  • A Site Rush (Furia)

  • Secret Walk (OG)

  • A Heaven Wrap (OG)

  • Ramp Take Fake A (Heroic)


Vertigo Strats

  • A Default (Astralis)

  • B Execute (BIG Clan)

  • Mid to B Split (G2)

Vertigo Map.png

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