Video Sources

Links to YouTube videos of the strategies seen on this website found below:

Disclaimer: I do not own many of the videos these strategies are based on, nor do I know for certain that the strategies entailed were originated by the teams listed. If you would like one of your videos taken down, or believe credit has been given to the wrong team feel free to reach out and I will resolve the problem promptly.


Inferno Construction Wrap (Detona)


Inferno Fast Lane Wrap (Furia)


Inferno Pit Drop (Furia)


Mirage Fast B Rush (NiP)


Mirage Full B Execute (Astralis)


Mirage Wall of Smokes A (Furia)


Overpass A Execute (Vitality)


Overpass Fast B Rush (Team Spirit)


Overpass B Site Execute (Evil Geniuses)


Dust II CT Drop Mid to B (Team Liquid)


Dust II B Exec + 1 Fast Mid Player (Mousesports)


Dust II Cat Long Split (Evil Geniuses)


Train Low Utility B Exec (FaZe Clan)


Train Late Round A Exec (Mousesports)


Train Late Round B Exec (Mousesports)


Nuke Quick Secret To B (Mousesports)


Nuke A Execute (Mousesports)


Nuke A Rush (Furia)


Vertigo A Ramp Default (Astralis)


Vertigo B Site Exec (BIG Clan)


Vertigo Mid to B Take (G2)